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Anna Kowalska

16 / 05/ 2023

I would recommend to anyone!

“The sleeping pillow is sensational! Since we got it, our sleep has become deeper and I feel more rested. At first glance you can see that the quality is really good. I was surprised at how easy it is to clean. The design is also on the plus side – the minimalist look fits perfectly in our bedroom.”

Piotr Nowakowski

09 / 05/ 2023

Perfect for an office job!

“As someone who works at a desk many hours a day, sitting comfort is important to me. The Breathe-Thru chair cushion has changed my experience. My back feels less stressed and thanks to the breathability of the material, I don’t feel any discomfort. Pictured is my workstation with the new cushion!”

Magdalena Dąbrowska

05 / 05/ 2023

Hygienic and comfortable

“Thanks to this pillow, my skin breathes while sleeping. The problem of sweaty skin and discomfort is gone. Being able to clean it quickly and easily is a huge bonus!”

Tomasz Górski

27 / 04/ 2023

I am finally satisfied with my sleep:

“I really recommend the Breathe-Thru sleeping pillow. Comfortable, hygienic and the quality is really solid. It keeps my mornings full of energy.”:

Katarzyna Sienkiewicz

19 / 04/ 2023

Comfort while working

“The seat cushion is an excellent investment. It has made working at my desk more comfortable. I recommend it to anyone who spends many hours sitting.”

Karol Jankowski

12 / 04/ 2023

A good investment

“The sleeping pillow is something that has changed my approach to sleep. Not only is it comfortable, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. The high-quality materials and the ease of cleaning is incredibly handy.”

Joanna Piotrowska

08 / 04/ 2023

Easy to clean

“The sleeping pillow is so comfortable that I knew after the first night that it was a hit. And the fact that it can be easily cleaned is great!”

Marek Zieliński

04 / 04/ 2023

Recommended by specialists

“As a physiotherapist, I meet a lot of people with back problems. The Breathe-Thru chair cushion is something I would recommend to anyone who wants to take care of their spinal health.”